Loan with bills: who can apply for it?

Until a few years ago access to credit by protesters and bad payers was a more unique than rare event, thanks to the lack of trust on the part of banking and financial institutions towards this type of entity. Over time, however, market operators have softened, trying to study ad hoc solutions to be offered to those who, in the past, had experienced difficulties in repaying the sums due, a difficulty that affects mainly self-employed workers, due to imbalances of cash due to the activity.

Hence the idea of ​​the loan changed for bad payers and protests: a personal credit product that is disbursed against the subscription of exchanges to guarantee the sums. In this way the loan is repaid by the applicant, at a fixed interest rate, through bills of equal amount with a monthly maturity.

Like other categories of financing, the personal loan changed for bad payers and protests is part of the so-called non-finalized loans: in this case, therefore, it is not necessary to purchase a specific good or service to be able to apply for it. Loans exchanged can also be found online, albeit quite rare, which is free from the need to travel to large cities, such as Rome, Milan, etc.

Changed loans: what to know

Changed loans: what to know

Applicants for a personal loan changed should compare the various opportunities available on the market by evaluating the TANs of the different proposals. The nominal annual rate, in fact, represents the percentage interest rate at which the money will have to be repaid: the higher the TAN value, the higher the portion of interest in favor of the lender.

But there is more: many operators, in fact, include in the contracts ancillary costs, not directly connected with the mere repayment, which increase the costs of the loan. For this reason, together with the TAN, an evaluation of the APR, the annual percentage rate of charge cannot be missing, a sort of overall indicator of the convenience of the product.

Finally, before signing a loan agreement, it is always good to check any costs and penalties in the event of early repayment: if the economic situation of the applicant were to turn to the best, in fact, it would be a heavy nuisance to find out, too late, that to extinguish the debt in advance must be paid, in addition to the residual, also additional expenses.

Protest and bad payers, failing the second chance can be a risk

Protest and bad payers, failing the second chance can be a risk

Failure to pay an installment by individuals with a similar precedent, such as bad payers and protests, may involve the risk of unpleasant and serious consequences. The bill of exchange, in fact, is an executive title and therefore the non-coverage of an installment immediately sends the title and the customer to the protest (which makes them part of the fast loans when a thorough investigation is not necessary). A second protest or a new report to the interbank centers could represent too great an obstacle to overcome even for institutions open to the most difficult subjects.

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